Mission Statement


At Greensboro our mission is to create an inclusive and thriving community by fostering an affordable, productive, and safe environment that enhances the quality of life for all.

Our mission is to enhance quality of life through affordability, productivity, safety, and diversity.


Nestled by the I-20 corridor and a Serene lake, our 68 square mile haven embraces tradition while embracing smart growth. With better service and safety at our core, we’re cultivating a youth retaining friendly community. 

Rooted in our history, we’re propelling towards a future where unity, growth, and pride thrive.


Empowering our community: Quality of life, growth, and togetherness.

Our vision is a thriving community, offering abundant family recreation, drawing tourists from the lake, and fostering industries. We equip our youth for success, encouraging them to stay and contribute. 

Parks and amphitheaters, and quality healthcare knit us together, enhancing lives and ensuring a prosperous, connected future.