April 1, 2024 - Regular Session Minutes

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Regular Session Minutes 

The Greensboro City Council Regular Session Meeting was called to order by Mayor Corey Williams at 6:10 P.M. The council members present were Mr. Miller, Mrs. Rivers, Mr. Smith, Mr. Neal, Mr. Moore, City Attorney Mr. Adam Nelson, and City Clerk Toinia Butler. 

Mayor Williams opened with prayer.

Motion to approve March 18, 2024, Regular Session Minutes was made by Mrs. Rivers after a second by Mr. Miller motion was approved unanimously.

Motion to approve March 18, 2024, Executive Session Minutes, was made by Mr. Miller after a second by Mr. Moore motion was approved unanimously. 

Nicole Chillemi provided council with an update on Festival Hall, financial report from August 1,2023 until March 31, 2024 income is up $10,000, net income of $1694.00, income comes from concession, contributions and support, festival hall receives reimbursement from City of Greensboro for electricity and water. Ticket sales have increased the current amount is 15,000 with an estimated increase to 20,000 by the end of year 2024. The primary goal for the festival hall is to provide high quality art for the City of Greensboro citizens. $16,000 has been spent on building maintenance and the performer fees are higher because more groups are being hired. Festival Hall activity report 9 city council meetings, GBA meetings, private events and OPAS performances, firearm training for the county. General repairs were building lighting, replacement of the motor on the fountain and piano repair. 

Motion for Nicole Chillemi to get beer/wine permit for May 23, 2024, for Nat King Cole (Unforgettable Event) and Lake Country Chorus Spring Concert on April 25, 2024, was made by Mrs. Rivers after a second by Mr. Moore motion was approved unanimously.

City Attorney Adam Nelson presented 2nd reading for Sign Ordinance to Council and Mayor this matter was approved with Planning and Zoning Board this change Section 1093B2 window signs the current section states that 2 signs per dwelling the amendment would reflect 2 per exterior door, 1097J prohibits A frame sandwich signs the amendment will allow businesses to use the A frame sandwich signs. 

Motion to approve Amendment to Sign Ordinance motion was made by Mr. Moore after a second by Mr. Miller motion was approved unanimously. 

City Attorney Adam Nelson made a request to amend Section 1-122 definitions to include brewery and distillery as definitions and to place those uses in the CPUD designation 121-132. This amendment has already been approved by the Planning & Zoning Board.

Motion to approve the amendment of Section 1-122 and 121-132 of City Ordinance was made by Mr. Miiler after a second by Mr. Neal motion was approved unanimously. 

Yvonne Greenway (Bureau Vista) presented the Council and Mayor with 1St reading for Infamous Whiskey 208 E. Broad Street for a distillery, a request has been submitted for a rezone from B1 to CPUD. Planning & Zoning heard this request on March 21, 2024, and approved this request unanimously.

Mr. Lorenze Tremonti addressed the council to show his appreciation for hearing his rezoning request, Mr. Lorenze Tremonti stated that project will be a 3-phase project will total 5 million dollars. He anticipates 4 to 7 employees in the first year of operations and 40 employees by year six. The street front will be a gift shop and a welcome shop, 

Mr. Miller asked Mr. Tremonti about the worship center that is next door to this project, and would that be a problem for this project, Mr. Tremonti stated that he has visited the church and there’s no conflict at all. 

Yvonne Greenway requested on behalf of the applicant that zoning of L1, light industrial and annexations with existing zonings (A1&B1) be tabled. 

Motion to table a request for rezoning and annexations until further notice was made by Mr. Moore after a second by Mr. Miller motion was approved unanimously.


City Attorney Adam Nelson advised council that a slight change was made to Weyerhaeuser contract agreement regarding the pump station at the BOE, council will not make a vote on this matter at this time a copy of the proposed agreement will be presented to council to review and voted on at April 15, 2024, meeting. 



Katlyn Breeding signed up to speak but Katrina Breeding spoke and ask the council to speak with the citizens about this rezoning request.

Terry Lawler spoke on behalf of the Infamous Whiskey he stated that this will be a great investment for the City of Greensboro.

Mika Mills spoke on behalf of the Infamous Whiskey and advised council that this would be a great opportunity for the City of Greensboro and that the higher pay jobs would be very welcomed.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Rivers after a second by Mr. Smith motion was approved unanimously.

Closing Prayer was done by Mr. Smith.