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Greensboro Police Department

Greensboro Uniform Patrol Commander - Captain Rodricus Monford Sr.

My goals for the Uniform Division is to reduce the occurrence of crime and to detect crimes as they are occurring though the effective deployment of available personnel and the timely response to calls for service.

The primary functional responsibilities of the Uniform Division include:

Responding to Calls for Service
Assisting Citizens
Preventive Patrol
Crime Prevention / Community Relations Efforts
Criminal Law Enforcement, to include Arresting Offenders
Traffic Enforcement and Patrol
Preliminary and Follow-up Investigations of Crimes
Incident Reporting
Accident Investigation and Reporting
Traffic Direction and Control
Maintaining Public Peace and Order
Providing Emergency Services
Parking Enforcement

Prior to the ending of each shift, the on-coming shift prepares for "Roll Call". This is the point where the supervisor from the departing shift advises the new shift of incidents that occurred during their watch or anything that needs officers' attention. This is very similar to what you see on the various Television Police Shows.

School Resource Officer Program

The School Resource Officer program is a nationally accepted program that places law enforcement officers within local schools. The program was designed to develop partnerships between law enforcement and the school community.

Greene County School District consists in Anita White Carlson Middle School, Greene County High School and Union Point Elementary School. The program currently has three officers; Raphael Green, Dave Heath and Bobby Winfrey.


The Greensboro Police Department views the School Resource Officer as an opportunity to provide a safe working and learning environment for Greene County School District.


To enhance safety in and around schools in the Greene County School District through the development and implementation of safety measures and programs.

To enhance the learning environment for students within the Greene County School District.

To provide a high level of police service to the Greene County School District and neighborhoods surrounding schools.

To reduce juvenile crime in the community.

To increase school attendance.

To build trust and a positive relationship with students as well as provide students counseling and advice on potential problems involving police.

Responsibilities of the School Resource Officers:

To be a liaison of the principal's office and Chief of Police in order to maintain security of the school district.

Daily, School Resource Officers must monitor school facilities and surroundings.

Supervise extracurricular activities and school related functions.

The School Resource Officer is not a school disciplinarian, but as a  law enforcement officer must  be notified in the event of a state law or city ordinance violation.

Greensboro Investigative Commander - Captain Tommy Nelson

The mission of the Greensboro Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is to conduct thorough and professional investigations of violations of criminal laws. While a majority of the offenses investigated come from initial investigation by the Patrol division, The Criminal Investigation division will frequently conduct their own investigations based upon information received from various sources.

The Division also operates as an internal affairs unit when the Chief of Police directs an investigation based upon complaints of misconduct lodged by a member of the public or another officer, additionally, the division conducts background investigations for perspective employees of the Greensboro Police Department.

For information regarding your case or other investigation purposes contact us at (706) 453-7555


Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Greensboro Police Department as a potential employer.

Current Jobs

Watch the Greensboro Police Department website for vacancy announcements in these jobs.

Patrol Division
Detective Division
Court Services
Administrative Division
School Resource Officer

Selection Process for Sworn and Civilian Positions

1. Criminal and driver’s history checks
2. Polygraph examinations for those who pass the criminal and driver’s history checks
3. Written testing, including psychological screening
4. Background checks
5. Medical Examination
6 .P.O.S.T. entrance exam and other P.O.S.T. certification paperwork (patrol, detective and probation applicants only)

Law Enforcement student intern program will support and participate in any program associated with a college or university which enables students working toward a degree in Criminal Justice or a related field to be exposed to the daily functions of a law enforcement agency. You must be at least eighteen, have completed two (2) years of undergraduate study and have declared major relating to Criminal Justice.

Law Enforcement Explorer Program was developed to educate and involve youth in law enforcement operations, interest them in possible law enforcement careers and to build mutual understanding. Members of the Explorers program are considered auxiliary officers and are not sworn law enforcement officers. Explorers may be assigned to law enforcement-related community service functions, and may also be used as a resource in large-scale special events as needed. Explorers will not act in a law enforcement capacity or be used in regular law enforcement duties and any use will be by the direction and auhority of the Chief of Police.

The School Resource Officer program is a nationally accepted program that places law enforcement officers within local schools. The program was designed to develop partnerships between law enforcement and the school community.

Greene County School District consists in Anita White Carlson Middle School, Greene County High School and Union Point Elementary School.

How to Apply For Greensboro Police Department Jobs:

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Greensboro Police Department Employment Application


The Mission of the Greensboro Police Department is to provide the community with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We continually improve the public’s perception of community safety through eradication of criminal activity and any conditions that have detrimental impact on public safety. We strive to enhance our tradition of excellent service to all. We continue to seek support and cooperation from the community we serve and from the community we serve and from those of us who serve the community. Our organizational culture is responsive to new ideas and is one in which all employees are the given the opportunity to develop to their highest potential and see themselves and agents of change. We base all our relationships on the premise that the public and the police are one.

Greensboro Police Dept. Providing the Highest Quality of Law Enforcement Services to the Greensboro Community